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     Due to the design and structure of Independent Fitness we have a few simple rules that all members and guests are required to follow.  Failure to follow the rules will result in termination of membership.
  Please bring a clean pair of shoes to the gym.
Please change out of your street shoes in the designated area.
  Please wipe down equipment after use.
Prevent the spread of germs to yourself and others.  Locate a spray bottle and paper towels in various places in the gym and wipe down any area contact was made.
  Unload your plates from machines and bars.
When you are finished, return them to the appropriate rack.
  Stow away extra handles, straps, and bars.
If you change handles, straps, or bars on equipment, please place unused handles close to the machines or back on the racks.
  Do not open the door for anyone other than emergency personnel.
Every member has a key fob and is required to bring it to the gym.
  If you want to listen to music please bring headphones.
Open air music or radios are not allowed.
  Cell phone protocol.
Please take your calls outside.
  Good conduct.
Be respectful of your fellow members.  Inappropriate conduct will not be permitted or tolerated.  Such conduct includes without limitation, using loud, abusive, offensive or insulting language, exhibiting demeaning, profane or lewd conduct or any other conduct that is bothersome to members.
    Enjoy the facility and have a great workout!  
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